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TOPOvue Glass Yurts

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Your all season eco-dwelling.

Our patented design allows visitors or residents to immerse themselves in the beauty of the outdoors while enjoying a luxury, off-grid experience. Our build is technologically advanced and uses low-impact materials in order to preserve its natural surroundings.

TOPOvue makes the perfect backyard ADU. Eligible homeowners and land owners can buy TOPOvue’s for use as a guest home or rental property.


Keep it simple.

Luxury doesn't have to be complicated.

TOPOvue Residence

Our Kit Includes:

502 Square Feet
Light Gauge Steel Frame
Oriented Strand Board
Insulation Throughout
Building Wrap
Sealing Tape
Glass & Windows
Triple pane low-e glass “VUE” room
Aluminum frame for “VUE” glass
Triple pane glass windows throughout
Collapsable glass door system
24″ Kitchen Cabinets
Butcher block countertops
On-site TOPOvue agent to assist with build  

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DIY Materials and Labor Required

This is a DIY build, that means you design and instal the materials you want. Purchase of unit includes stamped engineering, all drawings required for permits, and instructions of the build. Bellow are a list of materials, fixtures, and labor required by you:


  • Drywall | 1096 sq. ft.
  • Corrugated Roofing | 571 sq. ft.
  • Exterior Siding | 984 sq. ft.
  • Flooring, Front Room | 287 sq. ft.
  • Flooring, “VUE” Room | 167 sq. ft.
  • Flooring, Bathroom | 27 sq. ft.
  • Shower Tiles | 23 sq. ft.


  • Kitchen Sink
  • Bathroom Sink
  • Kitchen Faucet
  • Bathroom Faucet
  • Shower Fixture
  • Toilet


  • Structure Assembly | 2 Days
  • Drywall | 2 Days
  • Glass Installation | 1 Day
  • Flooring, Front / VUE room | 1 Day
  • Flooring, Bathroom Tiles | 1 Day
  • Flooring “VUE” Room | 1 Day
  • Shower Tiles | 1 Day
  • Exterior Siding | 1 Day
  • Plumbing | 2 Days
  • Electrical | 2 Days

Need Financing? We work exclusively with Light Stream who offers “tiny home” loans that offer great rates.

TOPO tech

We have figured out what convenient modern technology works well with our unit, all you have to do is buy and install.

Power System

We have designed a power system that consists of a Renogy solar system and a propane Cummins generator, creating a robust system producing and storing enough power for all your utilities.


We use a triple glazed low-e glass system that is both energy efficient and provides insulation that can withstand both freezing and hot temperatures (0-112)


When picking out our utilities, we focused on efficiency and durability. From our incinerator toilet to our hi-bred dometic fridge, you will always have working amenities.


We use aerogel technology to insulate our vue’s. It is the same technology NASA uses to insulate spacecrafts and helps us create an all- season experience.


Capital Investment Varies

TOPOvue is currently expanding and will be opening 20 luxury resorts in the USA, Europe and Asia over the next 3 years. If you are interested in joining the TOPOvue Investment Group and become a partner in one of our resorts. Please fill out the fields bellow, and we will be in contact with you shortly. Learn more


Inquire bellow for pricing

Eligible homeowners and land owners can buy TOPO vue’s for use as a guest home or rental property. If you are interested in buying a TOPO vue, please fill out the fields bellow, and we will be in contact with you shortly.